Aviate, Navigate, Communicate

These three actions, in sequence, are taught to all cockpit crew members, in the classroom, simulator and flight line, during their training. The meaning is simple- get and maintain control of your aircraft, then ensure you are on the right course, and finally communicate to your crew and to air traffic control your status, position and course of action.

In the world of aviation deals, the same holds true. Lead and control your company, steer it through the execution of your financial and operating plans, and communicate your actions to all stakeholders, shareholders, governmental regulatory agencies, and financing sources.

Aircraft Leasing Solutions for Airlines

AVi8™ has an extensive network of lessors, senior debt providers, mezzanine debt providers and equity funds that can provide us with the capital needed to complete your aircraft acquisition, sale and leaseback, or to provide leased aircraft to you on commercial terms. Click Here For Aircraft Leasing Inquiries

Vision/ Customer Mission

At AVi8 Air Capital we have created value across the aviation industry over four decades. We have managed and learned from the cycles, helped encourage and launch new business models, as well as leverage the disruptive commercial value of new technologies.

Our aim is simple: to work with our customers one engagement at a time, listen to specific needs and objectives, and to craft the most innovative, aggressive and sustainably successful course of action to meet business plan goals.

Review our historical and current transactions across a defined aviation landscape, rooted in deep domain expertise and a history of C-level experience and successes.

AVi8 News

AVi8 Air Capital has entered into an agreement with the Government of Ecuador for the development of a new A320 low cost carrier Mar 2020

AVi8 Air Capital named as Strategic Advisor to Thai Summer Airways Feb 2020

AVi8 Air Capital named as Strategic Advisor to Next Level Aviation Dec 2019

AVi8™ Always the First Step …